Managers have to make tough decisions every day. What if one of those decisions has unwelcome repercussions? For cover that goes above and beyond the call of duty, our Management Liability policy is there when you need it.

While Professional Indemnity insurance covers individuals at the top of a company, this is typically only for the liabilities concerning the firm's professional services.

Management Liability insurance goes one step further to protect management for the specific liabilities they face as people with oversight and decision-making ability. Broadly defined, Management Liability protects your interests.

A full Management Liability policy automatically includes:

  • Directors and Officers liability / Partnership liability
  • Corporate legal liability
  • Employment practice liability

If your organisation runs into difficulties or your duty of care is questioned, you could find yourself and your personal assets at risk.

Directors and officers liability cover (D&O) protects you against 'wrongful acts', defined as breach of trust or duty, neglect, error, omission, wrongful trading, misleading statement and breach of warranty or authority. This includes damages, contributions, settlements and claimants' expenses.

Corporate legal liability provides cover for various company exposures, including but not limited to, health and safety allegations and claims arising from your operation or administration of any pension or employment benefit schemes.

Employment Practice Liability covers claims from employees for allegations including discrimination or wrongful dismissal.

Our team has excellent relationships with insurers in London, Lloyd's and international markets. We always ensure you will receive the best result for your needs.