Since the introduction of the GDPR in May last year individuals have become much more aware of their rights of access to their personal data. It is therefore extremely important that you have a clear action plan in place to process SARs within the short statutory timescale and so avoid fines or censure.

This article includes information on: 

  • The requirements
  • Can you extend the statutory time period
    for response?
  • What are data subjects entitled to?
  • Do you have to send a full copy of
    everything on the file?
  • Remind Employees to take care
  • What if the data includes information on
    other individuals?
  • Can you refuse a request?
  • Exemptions
  • What should you do when you refuse to
    comply with a request?
  • What if the client is deceased?
  • What form of response?
  • The response
  • What if the Data Subject complains to
    the ICO regarding a SAR?
  • Top Tips

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