The COVID-19 crisis has forced a shift in working practices for all organisations. With the vast majority of organisations managing and operating their businesses from the home environment, managing risk involves a whole new set of challenges, particularly from a cyber security and data protection perspective. 

From an insurance perspective this will also have implications regarding material disclosure, with businesses adopting different practices to what they had previously. Join Brett Warburton-Smith from Lockton and Billy Gouveia from S-RM who will outline these challenges and some practical steps to help mitigate and manage them.

In a concise 45 minutes session, we will provide a practical guide to:

  1. The impact COVID-19 has had on Cyber risk and threats.
  2. Practical Cyber Security steps in the working from home environment
  3. Material Disclosure relating to Cyber Insurance
  4. The changing Cyber threat environment moving forward

Webinar details 

Date: Tuesday 21st April

Time: 1:30pm

Registration: Click here to register.

We look forward to welcoming you.